Probate & Wills

The preparation of a will is essential in ensuring your affairs are dealt with in accordance with your wishes after your passing. This is integral to guaranteeing the financial security and peace of mind of your family should anything happen to you. Mullery Solicitors has extensive experience in the areas of probate and wills, having helped numerous clients with the preparation of their wills and the administration of their estates.

Our services include:

  • Enduring Power of Attorney – this allows you to nominate someone to look after your affairs if you become mentally incapacitated.

  • Extracting Grants of Probate (when a will is made)

  • Extracting Grant of Letters of Administration (when there is no will)

  • Obligations to Spouse and Children

  • Marriage breakdown and Wills

  • Wards of Court

  • Wills

  • Estate Litigation - will disputes, S117 applications, etc.

If you need the advice and support of a dedicated property law specialist, contact Mullery Solicitors now.

Administration of Estates

In the event of a passing, we can take the necessary steps to ensuring the estate of the deceased is transferred in accordance to their wishes. We provide professional advice and support on all aspects of the administrative processes involved, with the aim of ensuring a smooth transfer to minimise any stress. For more information on how Mullery Solicitors can assist with the administration of estates, please get in contact with us.